URBAN ANIMAL FARM (Manhattan's Rooftop Bar, New York, 2031) -3 of 3 visions-

Factory farming has been for many years a very criticised practice, especially because of the devastating environmental damage and animal mistreatment. In particular, the practice of breeding animals crowded together using growth hormones and in very tiny spaces usually led to poor living conditions and hygiene for the livestock and, as a consequence, for the consumers too. Moreover intensive farming has resulted in a growing land consumption, often through the devastation of several ecosystems such as the practice of deforestation. After many protests made by environmental associations around the world, a novel radical policy is finally launched. URBAN ANIMAL FARM consists in the implementation of open-air local farms on the rooftops of many iconic urban public buildings, with the aim of encouraging a “zero-mile” production based on the enhacement of the local resources of each city. Do you consider it a sustainable future?