BAUSCIA TOWN (Milan, 2059)

Milan is an “arrival city” which has been historically destination for many migrants from different regions of the world. These migrations have made it a multi-cultural city where international citizens live together sharing their cultures and habits. This cosmopolitan identity is a typical quality of global cities, such as, for instance, London, Berlin and Brussels: a global city is indeed an urban scenario where the main socio-cultural identity is the result of the combination of habits, and practices from different cultures. While considering this multi-identitarian pattern a great quality, Milan is making a parallel effort to bear in mind some old local traditions. In 2059, an initiative promoted by the Milan Municipality has led to the inauguration of “Bauscia Town”, a commercial-cultural district which promotes some old ‘Milanese’ traditions. Located in the central historical area of Brera, Bauscia Town invites citizens and tourists to rediscover old traditions, through different activities, as dialect courses and cooking classes to prepare typical local dishes. .