DIEGO REDENTORE - an homage to Diego Armando Maradona (Naples, 2027)

Seven years after the loss of Diego Armando Maradona, a giant statue is built on the top of the hill of Vomero in Naples. The statue, called “Diego Redentore”, commemorates the legendary “Pibe de Oro”, the greatest football player of all time and considered today by many Neapolitans a real divinity. Here a part of a memorial text written by one of them: “The fact that everyone considers this football player “the best of all time” means that the objective values are perceived equally by everyone, beyond our cultural differences and personal stories. And even if perceiving the spiritual values of a football player is for many intended as an exaggeration, we have to admit that the masses can still feel this particular spiritual sense. Every sunday, at the stadium, Maradona gave a sense of hope to everyone also for this reason. We will never forget you. Napoli will never forget you. You have been and always will be a “God of the people”. Amen”. _ Davide Maranta @davidemaranta