LIVING IN A BUBBLE (Santiago del Chile, 2025)

Living in a bubble: that was Fuller’s vision when in 1960 he imagined a two-mile diameter dome enclosing the centre of Manhattan in a controlled climate. In this way citizens could protect from urban pollution. Taking inspiration from this vision, in 2025 the citizens of Santiago Oriente finally decide to self-isolate themselves into a bubble, not for environmental reasons, but for a social goal. In fact this “bubble” has existed for a very long time: it was the virtual line which, according to the two recent referendums in 1988 and 2020, divided the districts of Las Condesa, Vitacura and Lo Barnechea from the rest of the country. These districts, indeed, voted in the opposite way without recognising the rights and needs of their own “brothers”. As can happen, the “banality of evil” led them to live in a terrible dystopia, or rather, locked up in a bubble.