“Too high demand for houses in Milan. It is expected that within five years the city will not have any available apartment. As a consequence, the city of Turin could become the ‘dormitory’ of the Lombard Capital.” These were the shocking words extracted from a very important Turinese newspaper around fifty years ago, in 2018. In general, at that times, rents were way lower in Turin; morever there were still many vacant houses and the life-style was way less hectic. The city of Turin was only 45 minutes by train by Milan, a time which is less than the route between Milano Centro and Sesto San Giovanni. About 50 years later, in 2073, the capital of Piedmont is a more preferred option for living than the Milanese hinterland: besides the Brianza, also the centre of Turin has been completely annexed to Milan. ‘Milano Porta Susa’ has became the new terminal of the yellow metro line M3 (San Donato-Porta Susa). The platform 1 has been equipped with a direct link with the metro red line M1, while the platform 2 with the metro green line M2.