DESIERTO DE CATALUÑA (Barcelona, 2093)

The over-exploitation of natural resources, the practice of massive agriculture and the overusing of water supply are the leading causes of the process of desertification in Spain, as in many other southern-european countries. These actions are moreover increased by the effects of global warming on the Iberian peninsula: “A rapid increase in temperature has major consequences for desertification. When the temperatures increase, just like people sweat more, plants transpire more, so water evaporates from soil and vegetation. These conditions weaken the plants, which makes them more vulnerable to plagues” (Patricio García-Fayos). Despite protests and petitions with millions of signatures, the weak European policies haven’t been able to contrast the desertification threat. In 2093 the city of Barcelona is just a memory. Some monumental wrecks are still recognisible, but now the DESIERTO DE CATALUÑA is slowly spreading and finalising the process of desertification of the whole country.