TRULLI LOCKER DELIVERY (Alberobello, 2050)

Until the beginning of 2020’s, the lockers of the big e-commerce were normally located within the main commercial centres spread all over in the nation. Afterwards, this particular fact started being impractical for many clients who wanted to buy their products and get their services in alternative places. The main online sale companies, following the slogan of the “Customer Experience”, decided to buy many beautiful iconic buildings to convert them into B&B rentals and shops. The Trulli of Alberobello, for instance, were initially declared a world heritage and then converted into B&B apartments and souvenir shops for tourists in the 2000’s. In 2050 the owners of many Trulli, deciding to adapt their activities to the market demand and accepting an important economic offer by the online sale companies, converted the Trulli into delivery lockers. As an effect, If on the one hand this operation achieved the trust of many online users, on the other hand condemned the closure of the last craft and retail shops.