VILLE SPATIALE - an homage to Yona Friedman (London, 2033)

In 1958, Yona Friedman published his first manifesto : “Mobile architecture”. It described a new kind of mobility not of the buildings, but for the inhabitants, who are given a new freedom. In particular, his main vision, called “Ville Spatiale” was the utopical answer given by Friedman to control the complexity of a dynamic urban-domestic environment. Besides the freedom of choice for the inhabitants in defining their own dwellings , Ville Spatiale had also the relevant purpose of contrasting the land consumption, as this idea enabled the growth of cities while restraining the use of land. “As building above the existing city, Ville Spatiale could also diminish the expanding of the city outwards (Friedman).” In 2033, in order to contrast the dramatic urban sprawl also increased from the spread of Covid-19, the London municipality launches a new policy inspired by Ville Spatial based on the implementation of a residential infrastructure floating above the existing city, from the centre to the outskirts.